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mY bLOg...
Tuesday, 2 August 2005
yOu gOt sErvEd
Mood:  blue
Now Playing: badaboom (by: B2K)
yOu gOt sErVeD....!!!!
yOu gOt sErVeD....!!!!
yOu gOt sErvEd....

tHis mOvIe iS tHe besT fOr mE.... iT tAlKs aBoUt lOvE and fRiEnDshiP.... yOu gOt sErveD iS aLl aBoUt tWo pEoPle wHo lOvEs tO dAnCe...dAvid (oMmaRiOn gRaNdBeRrY) aNd eLgIn ( mOrQuEs hOuSton) wAs tHe tWo pEoPlE iVe mEnTiOn a wHiLe aGo.... tHeY wErE tHe bEst bUdS iN tHis mOvIe... tHeY hAD tHe bEsT mOvEs eveR... tHeY kNoW sTrEeTdAnCe, bReAkDaNcE... tHe wAy dAvId dAnCe mAkEs mY hEaRt sOrE...hEhEhEhE aNd i aLsO LikE eLgIn wHeN hE wEaR hIs cAp... tHe tWo oF tHeM iS sO cUtE....

iLl nEvEr gEt tIrEd AnD bOrEd tO wAtCh tHis mOvIe... tiL mY lasT bReAtH...

tO aLl pEoPle oUt tHeRE i dArE yOu tO wAtCh yOu gOt sErvEd... iT wIlL MAkE yOU rEaliZed hOw iMpoRtaNt fRiEnDshIp aNd lOvE wAs... aNd hOw sHoRt liFe iS... sO yOu bEtTer tReaSuRe fRiEnDsHip aNd lOvE... iF yOUlL do... yOUll nEvEr rEgrEt... tRuSt mE...

bY tHe wAy dOnT fOrgEt tO tElL aLL yOUr fRiEnDs hOw iMpOrTanT thEy aRE tO yOu... aNd tHaNk tHem fOr cOmmIng iNtO yOUr lIfe...

tHaTs aLL...!!!!!!!

My Song

Posted by indelible-weng at 3:06 AM EDT

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